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Soul Loved

Halo Bracelet

Halo Bracelet

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Intention: Connection, Love, Passion

Affirmation: My soul shines brightly because it's made of stars.

A halo, the circle of light encompassing the sun or moon, are rays of refracted and reflected light, and this talisman captures that energetic circle. Purple Aventurine, the stone of inner harmony, assists us to understand our life purpose, and motivates one to appropriate action. Fiery Sunstone increases vitality and ignites courage, self-empowerment, and inner strength. Moonstone lends it's calming, gentle energy to bring balance to Sunstone. It's soothing nature calms any worries or fears, allowing the wearer to see the beautiful light present in every moment.

Product details:

  • Contents: Brown Aventurine, Sunstone, Moonstone
  • Stretch Bracelet
  • Weight: .8 oz.

*Please note - As crystals are naturally occurring, there are slight variances in color, adding to the individuality and uniqueness of your piece.

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