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Soul Loved

Knowing Bracelet

Knowing Bracelet

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Intention: Centering, Passion, Well-being
Affirmation: Standing firmly in my light, I press on.

The protective and nurturing energy of map jasper presents us with a serene sense of peace, by removing indecisiveness and fostering trust in our natural instincts. This stone leads the wearer to reflect, grounding our energy to draw strength, confidence, and creativity. Obsidian drives us to seek truth, stimulate growth, and deepen connections. It gives us courage to embrace our true self, and release all that no longer serves our development.

Product details: 

  • Contents: Obsidian, Map Stone Jasper
  • 10mm wrist mala
  • Weight: .8 oz.

*Please note - As crystals are naturally occurring, there are slight variances in color, adding to the individuality and uniqueness of your piece.

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