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Lepidolite QuanYin

Lepidolite QuanYin

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The revered goddess Quan Yin is known to be a beautiful embodiment of compassion and serenity. Lepidolite, the lilac-hued mineral with its soothing energy, is prized for its ability to calm the mind and promote stress relief, making it an ideal tool for those seeking emotional balance. Paired together, the presence of the Quan Yin adds an additional layer of nurturing and peace, inspiring feelings of compassion and understanding, both in personal and professional relationships. This meaningful figurine is ideal for those who are in need of comfort and inner peace, especially during times of stress and uncertainty. It is a beautiful symbol of hope and solace, inspiring a sense of calm and tranquility within its beholder.

*Weight: 0.8 oz

*Please note - As crystals are naturally occurring, there are slight variances in color, adding to the individuality and uniqueness of your piece.

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