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Lepidolite Tower

Lepidolite Tower

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The beautiful mineral of Lepidolite is considered to be a transformative stone, with a gentle, yet deeply powerful energy. It is believed to bring peace and calm to the mind and soul. This lepidolite tower's soft lilac color is said to be a manifestation of its soothing properties, which make it a popular choice for those seeking to cultivate inner peace and tranquility. Additionally, lepidolite is believed to have the power to dispel negative energy, alleviate stress, and promote emotional balance. Its energy fosters spiritual growth and self-discovery, helping individuals to connect with their higher selves and find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life.

*Weights Available: 2 oz / 2.5 oz

*Please note - As crystals are naturally occurring, there are slight variances in color, adding to the individuality and uniqueness of your piece.

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