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Triumph Intention Spray

Triumph Intention Spray

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Intention: Centering, Passion, Prosperity

When you've finished a challenging workout, or nailed a presentation, or when you've given your all and feel proud of your work... that feeling of triumph! Create that feeling to help you get through the task at hand, to invigorate and inspire you to keep pressing forward - or, maybe to help you celebrate the win! Own the accomplishment and relish in that feeling of victory, rock your confidence, and embody the success! Simply spray into the center of the room, and in the direction of each upper corner, while setting your Intentions, or to use personally, spray above your space and allow the mist to gently fall around you. Allow your energy and the energy of the room to feel abundant, assured, and like the champion you are!

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  • Contents: White Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense, Calendula, Petitgrain, Lavender, Ylang-ylang, Douglas Fir, Himalayan Pink Salt
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