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Soul Loved

Worthy Bracelet

Worthy Bracelet

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Intention: Centering, Love, Well-being
Affirmation: I am deserving, I am worthy, I am more than enough.

Harness your inner light and let it shine brightly! Carnelian empowers you, and allows the leader within you to surface. It is a stone for motivation, courage, and endurance. Riverstone helps you to stretch and grow, taking you out of your comfort zone. And like the sun itself, Sunstone brings the energy to shine dispelling all fears and anxieties, energizing you, filling you with warmth and strength.

Product Details: 

  • Contents: Carnelian, Riverstone, Sunstone.
  • Stretch Bracelet
  • Weight: .8 oz
  • Beads: 23

*Please note - As crystals are naturally occurring, there are slight variances in color, adding to the individuality and uniqueness of your piece.

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